This summer find your ideal jewel

Summer arrives with its fashion trends and ready-to-wear looks. Of course, accessories are always great protagonists and an essential element that makes the difference in each and every one of our garments.

Add your personal touch

This season dresses, flounces, polka dots, fabrics in natural colours and total looks in beige are some of the central pieces. Handmade complements play an important role, as they are able to add very personal touches to the basics and to all the garments we have in our wardrobe.
Fashion jewellery tends to look for timeless pieces that can be combined with different looks. For example, earrings or creoles with a metallic tone are earrings that always feel good. The reason? A good material guarantees durability, combines perfectly with the most classic styles and has the ability to elevate the style of any look in a matter of seconds.
Arms full of bracelets on the wrists and multiple necklaces on the neckare back in fashion.
Even the famous brand Chanel is one of the brands that more and better has recreated the excess by superimposing all kinds of necklaces and pearls included.
Fashion jewellery created with marine elements, such as shells, are present in summer walks. Hence, many designers still have marine references when making their jewelry or include details of wood or metals with organic or spherical shapes.

Fashion jewellery wholesale

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