A must-have fashion accesory

Any element of costume jewellery is essential. A ring, earirngs, a necklace or the combination of different pieces, accompany us from the moment we get up until the sun goes down, throughout the day, make our looks something much more special and unique.

The design of handmade jewellery.

Designers of handcrafted jewellery, like most creators, are motivated by a certain passion. They seek to create something that represents them and, at the same time, represents a change in everyday life.
That’s why handcrafted jewellery complements your style and enhances your image. It is that magical piece that becomes an extension of your body and is part of your physical characteristics.
Whether it’s winter, summer, spring or autumn… No matter how much time and years go by, a hancrafted jewel never goes out of fashion. You can find clothes and fashion accesories on a daily basis, but what makes the difference and will be necessary, no matter how years go by, is that jeweñ that you wear and no one is able to forget.

A form of expression.

Each person has his own style that arises from his beliefs, from his way of seeing the world. We all have a style, a voice, that can not be imposed. And that, it is essential to express it.
You will find different jewellery shops in Barcelona with an infinity of designs, with different shapes, colours and materials. In Rosanna’s workshop, we make it easier for each person to find the piece that best suits them and, above all, that element that best expresses their personality and their style in order to highlight their identity.