Fashion jewellery in the city of design

Design is essentially linked to the history of Barcelona, an international city reference in terms of art and innovation. Walking through its streets and through its history, we find workshops dedicated to handcrafted and wholesale jewellery. And the fact is that Barcelona is full of authentic artists…

In search of jewellery originality
Fashion jewellery in Barcelona is attracting all eyes of the world. Inspired in special places, in modernism or in the gothic corners of the city, artists manage to make each piece an authentic work of art, unique, special and handmade. Those handcrafted jewels enrich a person’s apparel, giving the maximum expression to their creative freedom and exalting their personality.

In their workshops, artists choose predominant elements of their culture, traditional or innovative materials to make real what they imagine. Finally, as a result we have a more than a successful combination, we have a genuine piece. For this reason, their handcrafted work has an unequalled value on each piece of jewellery.

Rosanna de la Riva
With more than 36 years of experience in the art of handcrafted jewellery, Rosanna develops her creative potential in her wholesale jewellery workshop in Barcelona.
We find in each of its pieces an unique concept and the originality of a local designer.
We encourage you to discover the essence of Barcelona through its collections.